• Pink Heartbeat Diamond Bracelet (27)

Crowned Heart Majesty Bracelet (Rose Gold)

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  • Material:925 Silver, 18k gold plated & Cubic Zircon
  • Chain length:15.5cm - 18.5cm
  • Complimentary: Hepburn's Gift Signature Packaging


This stunning piece features a heart-shaped design embellished with a regal crown motif, exuding an air of royalty and elegance. Crafted with intricate detail, the bracelet captures the essence of majestic charm and sophistication. The combination of the heart and crown symbolizes love, power, and authority. Made with high-quality materials, this bracelet is a statement accessory that adds a touch of grandeur to any ensemble. Let the Crowned Heart Majesty Bracelet reign over your wrist and make a captivating fashion statement.